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Hi there, itís Moonbay here!
As the name suggests this is a cast list for my webcomic Ė Basics!
The comic is made up of various different characters that Iíve created over the years since I first started learning to draw manga style cartoons, and, as such, it can be a pain trying to explain them all within the comicÖ
Therefore, I shall be doing it here!
(Contains Spoilers for my fanfictions)

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Shadow Akito Verdion

ShadowInitially a lab rat for the Terran Research Lab, Shadow is one of three Draconian/human hybrids created by Professor Lawrence Verdion.
He was secreted away from the lab by his mother when he was only three years old and was raised in England for most of his life.
Like all Draconians, Shadow's abilities are elemental. Shadow main element is water, but is supported by Fire and Electricity. However, the base element means he doesn't take heat very well, and does actually have a fear of being surrounded by fire. He still uses his flamethrower ability but not in enclosed areas or areas full of easily ignited items!
Personality wise, Shadow's very fiery and can easily fly off the handle when he thinks someone is insulting him (9 times out of 10 this is directed at Thunderchild!)
This being said though, Shadow's very loyal to his friends (friends = anyone who can put up with him for long enough)
Unlike the other two Hybrids, Shadow is more Draconian than human and is more comfortable in the company of other Dracs. However, this isn't without it's problems, as hybrids - or Liagrens - are technically illegal in the Drac world (even to speak of them is a forbidden suject!). For the most part, however, Shadow raises no suspiction in the Drac community despite the fact that his eyes are blue instead of the standard amber and he's a late developer: i.e He didn't learn to breathe fire until he was 10 and he discovered his dragon form at 14.
However, being a hybrid still bugs Shadow something chronic and no matter how hard he tries to hide this fact, he still ends up taking it out on a certain human/ghost hybrid named Danny (Danny Fenton belongs to Butch Hartman and Nickolodian, not me!).
Shadow also hides another secret: He is in love with Perona! However he hasn't yet got the confidence to admit this!
Oddly enough, Shadow is not this hybrid's real first name. It's actually Mackenzie, but he can't remember when or why people started calling him Shadow.
Author's note
I created Shadow after I first got hold of and watched the first volume of Final Fantasy Unlimited. I was highly inspired by the white haired summoner guy named Kumo.
Eventually it tapered off for a bit when I realised I reached the limit of ideas for him. But then I saw an advert for Danny Phantom on Nickolodeon. The was no mention of what the cartoon was called at that point as it was only a very effective teaser trailer, but it was enough to start me working on Shadow again for a while.
As stated in his character description, Shadow was initially called Mackenzie when I first created him (I prefer it spelt Mackenzie as oppose to McKenzie). Soon I realized I didn't really like the name much, and when my dog reached the end of his long life I found the perfect opportunity. Mackenzie was given the nickname Shadow as a tribute to my faithful Border Collie. His original name still pops up from time to time though!
Shadow has now become the fore front of my character collection, I just hope it doesn't go to his head too much!

Thunderchild Gojenta

ThunderchildThunderchild's history is long and adventure-filled to say the least!
He was born and raised on Terra (before the destruction) under the name Yissan Gojenta until a nasty encounter with the Borg, in which he found himself stranded and alone on the planet Discworld.
The resulting crash caused a bad case of amnesia, and unsure of who or where he was, he was taken in by a Klatchian couple who named him Khit-Ghot-Jip because they found him in the middle of a storm (the literal meaning of Khit-Ghot-Jip is Child of the Storm ^-^ The name Thunderchild is the Morporkian equivilent!)
A few years later, Thunderchild found himself on Planet Gaia, and (through a series of events outlined in Electricfox's stories) he found himself in the presence of Domino, a short tempered Genome, with whom - after a very rocky start - he fell in love with, got married to and eventually had two kids - Elena and Kai - with.
When Thunderchild suffered a very painful transformation which almost cost him his life, he discovers his true heritage: Whilst his biological Mother was Terran, his biological Father was actually Hyrren. The reason for the transformation was suddenly obvious: Thunderchild was going through a "forced" Hyrren ascension (which is what happens when a Hyrren doesn't willingly ascend, and is fatal)
Thunderchild is taken back to the Hyrren's home planet - Hyrrdia - to go through the Ascension process properly, and whilst there, discovers his true Father - Orien, King of Hyrrdia!
Thunderchild eventually did meet his end during a battle with his evil alter-ego, Fury but was turned into a watcher, in order to defeat Fury and subdue the demonic entity controlling him. Nowadays though, Thunderchild just spends his time getting up to mischief in Amity Park, dispite the stern warning from the other watchers that he's not to meddle in the affairs of mortals!
Author's note
Thunderchild belongs to Electricfox. I updated him a few years ago - with permission - into manga form, and the outfit he wears for "Basics" was designed by me.

Perona Palmer (section under construction!)

PeronaPerona is, in short, Thunderchild and Domino's Great Great Granddaughter. Technically, dispite what her Great Great Grandparents were, she is considered a human/Hyrren hybrid, as that far down the line, the human DNA has diluted all but the dominant Hyrren DNA.
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