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The following stuff does not belong to me! Although I do occasionally borrow it from time to time, I do not own it and therefore cannot claim it as my own!
I researched everything as best I can to make sure the right people get the credit for their work, but if anything is wrong then please leave a comment on the lastest entry of my livejournal so I can correct it.
Thanks ^-^

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Final Fantasy 9

Belongs to: SquareEnix
Use in Basics: The character - Domino - is a Genome, The character - Thunderchild - is half Terran.


Belongs to: Tomy
Use in Basics: The characters - Ralts and Sky - are Organoids, the character - Shadow - occasionally sports the Neo Zenebas logo on his belt buckle

My Little Pony

Belongs to: Hasbro
Use in Basics: Character use of Princess Tiffany in "My Little Princess pts 1,2 and 3", Character use of Quarterback in "My Little Princess pt 3"

Fullmetal Alchemist

Belongs to: Manga property of Hiromu Arakawa, Anime produced by 4kids
Use in Basics: Character use of Edward and Alphonse Elric in "Alchemy Humour"

American Dragon: Jake Long

Belongs to: Disney
Use in Basics: Character use of Jake Long (in dragon form) in "American Dragon vs English Dragon"

Star Trek Voyager

Belongs to: Paramount
Use in Basics: Character use of Lieutenant B' Elanna Torres and use of Voyager's Warp Core in "Stupid Organoid"

Danny Phantom

Belongs to: Butch Hartman
Use in Basics: Character use of Danny Fenton in "Guest Comic #2: Fun with Costume Exchanges"
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