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"Tell her about the Mistletoe and I will destroy you!" - What better way to start off an artwork page than with some festive art! I felt it would be a typical scene of what would happen when Danny Phantom gets invited to a Basics Christmas Party! Hopefully the look on Shadow's face conveys the title of the pic ^-^ Admittedly it's not one of my best, but nevermind!

"The Webcomic that never was - Part One" "Part Two" "Part Three" - This is the beginning of a comic which unfortunately lost steam some time ago. I think the reason why was because of the issue I had in the last panel of page 3 in which I had no clue how to get Shadow's transformation sequence right! The storyline started off in novel form which reached 25 pages before, that too, hit a buffer! Maybe one day I'll carry on...

"Moonbay's Anime guys - Dark Mousy" - Here's DNAngel's famous Phantom Thief getting glomped by me! This is a result of that overdose of DNAngel I experienced over christmas. I'm quite pleased with the way the pic turned out, except that I did kind of go overboard with the black... darn my fur colour! And yes, before you ask, I am quite large for a domestic housecat... but then, I never said I was a domestic housecat, did I? ;)

"Spyro the Dragon" - I drew this picture back when I was first testing whether or not I could draw already existing characters freehand. Why is it, that whenever you want something, it's incredibly difficult to get hold of? I spent ages trying to get my hands on the original Spyro the Dragon PS1 game. As hardcore Spyro fans may notice, I took my references for Spyro and Sparx (the dragonfly) from the orginal game box artwork (Spryo's wing design changed when Spyro the Dragon 2 came along, and somewhere along the line they also gave Sparx a markover, but I'm not sure when ^_^'). I ended up putting this picture onto a card for Electricfox's Mum as she's a big fan of the li'l purple dragon!

"Van should've had some of these attached to his Blade Liger!" - This was a combination of boredom, wanting to see how well I could freehand draw Van Flyheit from Zoids and sugar... lots and lots of sugar! See, I happened to be sitting in my bedroom at the time, drinking Pepsi and thinking about Zoids, and I noticed this box of staples sitting on the desk at the end of my bed! They were Vanguard brand... Next thing you know, Domino's got hold of a stapler and... well.. you can see the result!

"Pokemon Coliseum made me do it!" - I like Umbreon... Nuff said ^-^

"Peter Pan in Brown!" - Back in the early 1990s, the Fox network took the popular image from J.M.Barrie's book and turned it into a cartoon series called Peter Pan and the Pirates. Sure Disney did get to it first, but the majority opinion (which I agree with) is that the Fox's cartoon sticks to the book far more consistantly than the Disney movie... and with no annoying music! (Apologies to Disney Peter Pan fans!) I've been a keen fan of PP&P ever since I was a little kid still attending Brownies! This is probably the last piece of "copy art" I did (I take an existing picture and copy it) and I got the piccy from the back of a comic book which Mum bought me many years ago (I'm very glad she relented at my constant nagging for it! You can't find them anywhere anymore! In fact I may very well be torn to pieces by some of my fellow forum members if they found out I had it ^_^').

"Domino prepares for Zoid Battle!" - Domino may have started off in a Final Fantasy 9 Fanfiction, but I also had plans (and some script) for a Zoids Fanfic which both Domino and Thunderchild were going to be in. This is just a pic of Domino in her Zoids piloting outfit! I added the gems on the glove as an afterthought, but I may drop them should I ever use this outfit again, which I do plan to at some point!

"Domino's Purple Organoid" - Here's a full view of Domino's Organoid, Sky. Well, almost full view... (I drew him a little too close to the edge of the paper!). Someone on Phenotype's Zoids Forum said his hands were a little small and weak looking. I agree that they are a little dinky in this pic, and hopefully I managed to sort it out now.

"Domino and Tarot" - I drew this picture mainly because Electricfox had stated that I hadn't drawn a picture of her in a while (blame Shadow, I was somewhere in the middle of creating him at the time!). Just for fun I decided to draw her with a little black cat I hadn't long created called Tarot. Those tree roots seem to be a little... uh... odd! I really dunno what I was thinking with that one!

"Perona's beginnings" - This is the first ever picture drawn of Perona... ever!

"Shadow doodle!" - Just a random doodle I did of Shadow one day when I was bored. It was done not long after Shadow's creation so the artwork's a little dodgy. I threw Tarot in for good measure!

"Aw, young love!" - I think this appropriately portrays Shadow and Perona's current relationship! I stuck their alternate forms in the background just to take up some of that annoying white space!

"Tai and Saba" - This is Shadow's elusive brother and sister. I drew this a long time ago, so I need to update them to fit my new style!

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